Primary vs. Secondary

Think of the concept of primary vs. secondary value.  You do not take the time to iron your clothes, for instance, the night before because such actions would only be taken if doing so was of primary value.  But clothes are not of primary value.  Similarly, you are sometimes late because to you, timeliness is not of primary value; what is of value is A.) enough sleep to function fully.  B.) The quality of your evening.  C.) The quality of the day ahead.  Therefore, as other primary-value, or higher-value, items move in and out of your limited container of time, the lower-value items must be sacrificed.  If you had infinite time you could do it all, but you don't.  And the most important thing is to prioritize based on value, not custom or the expectations of others.  Because once you let others dictate your values, you give up independence—not only of action, but also of mind.