ASK: What would your life be like if James Horner didn't exist?  Or didn't write music?  Think about how different things would be.  Would you even be a different kind of person?  Would you be less at peace with the world?  Less open to the beauty of nature?  Would your horizons be more limited and emotions more stunted?  What would fill this silent space left by his music?  Someone else's music?  Would music mean as much to you today?  Because there are things that his music does that no one else's music does.

Think what an impact certain artists and creative individuals make on our lives; and how you can work to have even a fraction of that positive impact on the world.  It reminds me of what Steve Jobs used to say about the difference between Apple and Pixar.  He served as CEO of both—but said: in 10 year's time, everything Apple made this year will be obsolete and essentially trash.  While the work of Pixar and storytelling—of art—if it's done well, could last a hundred years or more.  

Maybe forever.