The Zebra Theme


A short novel following a literature professor on his mission to disprove the concept of fiction, one bestseller at a time. To be published momentarily. In the meantime, read the first chapter.

This is Zoic: A Bedsum and Grey Adventure


Co-authored with my brother, Jamie Steidle, This is Zoic is a short novel that's as playful in form as it is in content. The book was written in alternating chapters; Jamie would write one, I'd write the next, then Jamie, then me—on and on until the unpredictable end. It was a collaborative novel with zero collaboration: we never discussed what would happen, or what we had in mind. The result: a comic adventure now available in convenient book form.  Get a copy.



Serial Innovation is an online publication I founded to explore ideas that transform business, technology, and social policy. I researched and developed long-form content on topics such as fighting soda to reduce obesity-related deaths in NYC, rethinking software strategy for Microsoft, proposing new concepts for grocery stores to encourage more convenience and healthier eating, and designing an innovative gym concept featuring interactive games. I developed a unique design aesthetic for the site, managed all content development, and created all graphic elements. Visit the site.

The Girl with Curly Hair


Every gift is an opportunity for a new creative challenge. For my mom's birthday, I decided to take an idea she had as a child and turn it into a children's book. I wrote and illustrated each page, then bound it up into a nice physical copy via Shutterfly. Take a look.

Graphic Design


Steve Jobs famously said that design isn't just how something looks; it's how it works. I agree whole-heartedly. But it should look good, too. Here's a small collection of work in the design arena—the arena not just of works, but of looks. Flyers, book covers, infographics and illustrations. And the stories behind them. I should also note—all images and banners on this website are my own photos and illustrations. I spend way too much time on them! Dive in.