The Price is Wrong

Five thousand? Ten thousand? Twenty thousand dollars?  

So much of the technology press has turned speculation on the Apple Watch into a game of The Price is Right. Just how much is that gold model?  

Here's the only answer that matters: I don't care. I truly, completely, do not care. I don't care that it's gold. I don't care that it has lots of shiny bands. I don't care how many are going to sell. Here's what I care about:  

  • What can it help me do? 
  • How is it going to fit into my life?  
  • How is it changing how we communicate?  

I've been thinking about my distaste for this conversation and how utterly bored I am by it, and it occurred to me: I don't want to waste my time listening to it, and I sure as hell don't want Apple to waste its time talking about it. Why did Jony Ive spend hundreds if not thousands of hours of his time building a luxury product? Why, when he could be spending time figuring out ways to optimize iOS, to move the Mac forwards, to find new paths to empower users? Doesn't he care about these things more than gold? Doesn't he care about what technology can do for people? Apple should be focusing its time on helping us to live fuller, richer lives—not lives filled with riches.  

It's clear: Jony and his team put a lot of thought into their design of this product. It looks stunning. I just worry that they put more time into design than functionality. They built a fashion item: but fashion doesn't change the world, it merely makes it more glossy, more shiny, and ultimately—more disposable.  

But the Watch doesn't have to be defined by this. In the same way that the world changed when everyone had a computer in their pocket, day-to-day life can change when everyone has a computer on their wrist. Let's talk about that. Let's celebrate that.  

Next week, we'll hear more at Apple's Watch event. Answers to so much of the speculation that's swirling. I don't know that it will address all of the questions about the product, but I do hope that it shifts the conversation. That one year from now, when Apple shows a video about how the Watch is changing the world, we see things more like this:  

And less like this: