The Paragraphing Blog

Paragraphing?  Never heard of it. 

Well, you’ve heard of surfing, right?  Paragraphing is the same.  In all the parts that matter.  It’s a quick sport—over before you know it.  And then, all of a sudden, beginning again.  Paragraphing is a back-and-forth, a story told one paragraph at a time.  By two people.  The storymakers don’t plan or plot all that much—they just see where the story has gone…and then, see where the story takes them.  Where will it take you?  In specific terms, the plan is this: Brendan writes a paragraph one day.  Jamie writes a paragraph the next.  Then Brendan, then Jamie.  Back and forth like that until the story is told.  Will it ever be done?  Once a week, we sit down for half an hour—read what’s been written in the last seven days, and then talk about the writing.  Story.  Ideas.  Character.  A certain rhythm.  Writing in general.  Seven paragraphs, to be specific.  It’s just one paragraph away. Oh, and if you don’t remember to drop by here everyday, you can follow updates on Twitter @GraphingBlog