The Follower (Or Pursuer)

The follower (or Pursuer) was so much better at pursuing than I was at leading, that the Pursuer overtook us and followed our path beyond us. He walked right by us — bowler hat, checkered jacket, beard, brown boots and all… He was so good at following where we were going that he passed us by and was going to get to where we were going before us. 

“What do we do?” I asked.

“Well,” Chevron said. “I’ve never seen someone who was so good at following people before.” You could see the admiration in his eyes. 

“I say,” Macie said. “We should follow him. He seems to know where it is we are going. Since we don’t know where that is, logically, he should take us there.”

Chevron and I both exchanged looks. 

“Sounds good to us,” we said in unison. 

And so we followed Macie, the new leader of our small troupe, as she followed the pursuer who was following us, leading us to where it was we were supposed to go — wherever that is.