Being Pressed

Being pressed upwards, I felt the whole weight of the world on my shoulders, which was exactly the case. We dug upwards with pure determination, hoping that the earth would give way sooner than Titanium Levitation.

Beside me, Chevron shoveled with his hands and the lady all in black garb with her scythe hoed the earth; the chocolate waved and bobbed in the air, testing the limits of zero gravity, floating and staining our clothes, blotting out our path from time to time. The work was exhausting and the chocolate made each minute harder to focus on our pursuit, our escape. Soon, we'd take breaks, each nibbling some chocolate which we noticed began to solidify.

"We must keep moving," I said, channeling Macie. I wondered where Macie was and wondered if she could still hear my thoughts. If she could somehow, with her always thinking-mind, mine us out of this predicament.

"If we fall," Chevron said, teetering weightlessly above the earth, below the earth, in the cavern. "We die."

The lady with the black garb laughed, a deep, hollow laugh that echoed in the hollowed out chamber.

That was when I heard the voice from above.