Now How Could You Possibly Be Hungry?

 “Now how could you possibly be hungry?” Macie asked. “You just ate.”

“Dessert always comes before the meal,” Chevron said.

“He’s got the right, in more ways than one,” the Ambassador said, pointing to the sign hanging outside the forest.

The Forest of Meals:

Always Comes After Dessert

“Well that’s just perplexing,” I said.

“Not as perplexing as Chevron’s hunger.”

“We must move forward,” the Ambassador said. “The sun is setting. We don’t want to encounter the Dwellers.”

“The what?” I asked.

“They're peasants,” the Ambassador said. “And they always try to sell you life insurance.”

“But I don’t need life insurance,” I said.


“Do they sell lunch?” Chevron asked. He always asked the right questions.

“That’s the wrong question,” Macie said. “The right question is where will we be staying?”