An Update on the Paragraphing Podcast


So, it's been some time.  In that time I've gotten married, Jamie moved across continents, and the world has continued to whirl!  Jamie and I are still committed to completing the story at the heart of the Paragraphing Podcast—but time will tell when that completion begins, or when it ends.  Until then, the Paragraphing Podcast is in suspended animation.  Not the best kind of animation—a little lacking in momentum—but surely, when you think of it, not the worst kind of animation, either.  

In the meantime, you can follow Jamie's goings-on at his website,, you can keep up with everything I'm doing here at — or you can follow us on Twitter. I'm @bsteidle and he's @Thanx4Listening 

And if you still can't get enough of our podcasts, check out the new—totally unrelated!—one I just started: Polilogue—a weekly look at the substance and style of the Sunday morning political shows. With my new wife!  Details here: Introducing the Polilogue Podcast

See you on the other side of the Airport Interrogation Room.