You Have To Understand

"You have to understand, the ambassador is okay," he said. 

"Who are you?" I asked. 

"Chevron," Macie began, turning to me. "It's the..."

"Yes, I'm Chevron," I said cheerily.

 "He's the man we are supposed to follow. The man who was pursuing us," Macie said. 

"I don't like the look of him," Kelvin said.

"Why's that?" Macie asked, suddenly becoming defensive. 

"It's his mustache," Kelvin said. 

"What's wrong with his mustache?" Macie asked.

"I'll tell you what's wrong with it!" Kelvin said. And he reached out and locked his fingers onto the mustache. 

"Unhand me you Buffon!" The Pursuer protested. 

And Kelvin ripped off the mustache revealing the Ambassador under it. 

"As I said," the Ambassador said. "You have to understand, I am okay." And the chicken squawked under his arm as he began to explain how he had fooled us with his escape and how Titanium Levitation could transform inner thoughts outwardly and mess with "the narrative of everyday life."   

Selina Veronica West spoke again, this time with a higher pitched squawk which translated into all of us suddenly being flung upwards into the air, including the Ambassador. 

"Something is wrong with Titanium Levitation," the Ambassador said. "It must be sick."

"This is dangerous," I said as we soared deeper into the forest. 

"I hate flying," Kelvin said. 

"I hate falling," Macie said. 

"Squawk," Selina Veronica West said.