Podcast Episode 3 - Avoiding the Sense of Destiny

If you're behind in reading the story, don't worry!  Jamie and I will read it for you—in fact, we already have in "The Paragraphing Podcast!" 

Episode 3 is already out.  Each episode, Jamie and I take turns reading our contributions to the week's story, then discuss the process and writing in general.  

Here's what you'll get in Episode 3: 

In the third episode of The Paragraphing Podcast, the story continues—with the introduction of an entirely new character, the explication of actor ants, and a somewhat surprising narrative effect. Afterwards, Brendan and Jamie share thoughts on the story’s fast-paced twists and turns; the difference between where you expect the story to go and where the next writer takes it; and the comedic style of their favorite authors.  They also discuss how writers can achieve the sense of a “thinking person” on the page, rather than a “sense of destiny.”  Essentially, they conclude that flaws in thinking can often be more interesting than flaws in character.  

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